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Unfortunately, animal-specific data are difficult to obtain, but the data from a dutch report 25 , show that tetracycline administration amounted to 70 of antimicrobial use in fattening pigs and only 10 in dairy cattle.

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Tetracycline is an attractive adjunct for the treatment of gingival and periodontal disease with a high bioavailability in the gingival sulcus.

As antibioticstetracyclines interfere with protein synthesis of susceptible bacteria

Two mechanisms of clinical significance are primarily responsible for bacterial resistance to tetracyclines:

By Hans PSchlechtMDMScAssistant Professor of MedicineDepartment of MedicineDivision of Infectious DiseasesHIV MedicineDrexel University College of Medicine Christopher BrunoMDAssistant Professor of MedicineDivision of infectious DiseasesHIV MedicineDrexel University College of Medicine.

The tetracyclines are broad-spectrum antibiotics with similar antimicrobial featuresbut they differ somewhat from one another in terms of their spectra and pharmacokinetic disposition.

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cholestyramine or colestipol decrease absorption and blood level of all tetracyclines.

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