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The other approaches that are mostly exercise based are mostly done to rehabilitate the spinal cordThis approach is usually a cocktail of the following:

HelloI am having pain radiating from right lower back till right knee including some pain and discomfort in right groinbrook an CT KUB which shows no renal stones but grade 1 antereolisthesis of L5 over S1doc has prescribed me voveran75 mg for 5 days twice a dayI have taken one dose already even after 5 hrs of taking tablet pain hasn’t reduced at allCan someone tell me how long does it take to heal and is there a way to heal faster.

Treatment options availableExercises along with correction of bad posture for relieving back pain are a common component of any treatment planFactors such as type and severity of the pain as well as the patient?s history can help in determining the type of treatment that can be administeredIn most casesthe recovery time is usually six weeks without surgeryTypical treatment of back pain includes use of muscle relaxantspainkillers and physiotherapySurgery is suggested in severe casesSome other treatments are discussed below:

Some methods that can be utilized for diagnosing back include XrayCT ScansMyelogram and MRI scans.

Role of Physiotherapy in Treating Back PainIn physiotherapythe general goal of this treatment is to reduce pain in parts of the bodybe it in the armslegs or backIn the age we live inwhere most of us are sitting in one placehunched on our laptopswe are bound to get a back painSome pains are temporary and can go away with some sound sleepThe more severe back pains are usually chronic and can hamper your productivity.

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