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To minimize the hazard associated with occasional abnormal ovarian enlargement associated with serophene citrate therapy, the lowest dose consistent with expected clinical results should be used.

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GenitourinaryEndometriosisovarian cystovarian enlargement or cysts couldas suchbe complicated by adnexal torsionovarian hemorrhagetubal pregnancyuterine hemorrhagereduced endometrial thickness.

3Endometriosis and Endometrial CarcinomaThe incidence of endometriosis and endometrial carcinoma increases with age as does the incidence of ovulatory disordersEndometrial biopsy should always be performed prior to clomiPHENE citrate therapy in this population.

The following adverse events have been reported in fewer than 1of patients in clinical trialsAcute abdomenappetite increaseconstipationdermatitis or rashdepressiondiarrheadizzinessfatiguehair loss/dry hairincreased urinary frequency/volumeinsomnialight-headednessnervous tensionvaginal drynessvertigoweight gain/loss.

2Patients without ovarian cystsClomiPHENE citrate should not be used in patients with ovarian enlargement except in those with polycystic ovary syndromePelvic examination is necessary prior to the first and each subsequent course of clomiPHENE citrate treatment.

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