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A serious heart condition such assick sinus syndromeorAV blockunless you have a pacemaker

Lanoxin Tablets contains the active substance digoxinwhich belongs to a group of medicines called cardiac glycosidesIt is used to treat arrhythmias and heart failureAn arrhythmia is an irregularity in the heart-beatwhich causes the heart to skip a beatbeat irregularly or beat at the wrong speedThis medicine works by correcting irregular heartbeats to a normal rhythm and strengthens the force of the heart-beatwhich is why it is useful in heart failure.

Given that adult patients with heart failure have some symptoms in common with digoxin toxicityit may be difficult to distinguish digoxin toxicity from heart failureMisidentification of their etiology might lead the clinician to continue or increase LANOXIN dosingwhen dosing should actually be suspendedWhen the etiology of these signs and symptoms is not clearmeasure serum digoxin levels.

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