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Rizact rizatriptan is a selective serotonin receptor agonist used by those suffering from severe headaches or, more commonly, migraines.

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Information about Rizact.

Patients with a Migraine AttackA migraine attack does not affect the pharmacokinetics of rizatriptan.

Undesirable effects may be more common during concomitant use of triptans5-HT 1B1D agonistsand herbal preparations containing StJohn’s wort.

Hormonal imbalances in womenfluctuations in oestrogenespecially during menopause or pregnancy seem to trigger a migraine Drinks like wine and extremely caffeinated beverages Foods such as salty foodsaged cheese as well as processed foods can trigger the migraine attackMedicationsvasodilators such as nitroglycerine and oral contraceptives can intensify migraine pain.

Following oral administration of 14 C-labelled rizatriptanrizatriptan accounts for about 17of circulating plasma radioactivity.

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